UNIVERSITI Sains Malaysia has offered Communication Programmes since 1970 with an education philosophy that emphasises the needs of the communication industry in this country. On 20 October 1982, the universiti senate has approved the establishment of an education board to review a communication curriculum to be integrated into the master plan of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

This review was made based on the University’s ability to offer a reliable communication education
and to meet the demands of training and job opportunities in the field.

In 1983, the board issued a report which recommends, among other things, the establishment of
Bachelor’s Degree in Communication for the academic session 1984/1985.

This proposal was approved by the Ministry of Education in June 1984. The original curriculum structure of the Bachelor of Communication have been implemented since the academic session 1984/85. After almost 15 years of implementation, it is felt that the structure should be amended to take into account current developments in the communications industry and comments made by external examiners. Thus, the curriculum of Bachelor of Communication was reviewed and redesigned. The new curriculum was implemented in the academic session of 1994/95.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s announcement that all local universities provide
a three year degree programme, the curriculum was redesigned to meet the supposed need. The three year degree programme has been implemented in the academic session 1996/97.

USM’s communication study is based on a mixed approach to the theory of learning and practice. It is also liberal education based and multi-disciplinary. This combination of expertise is considered important because in the field of communication, as practiced by the current media industry, requires an experienced and skilled workforce to publish, produce and create communication messages
The School of Communication, USM has provided a number of courses that can be used by students to showcase their skills by applying the concepts of theory and principles that they have learned to create materials in print and electronic media.

On 11 August 2011, the Ministry of Higher Education has approved the revised curriculum of Bachelor of Communication, from three years to four years, starting from the academic session 2012/2013.