Film And Broadcasting


Film & Broadcasting offers a combination of critical and analytical understanding of screen studies and professional training in audio, video and film production. Students specialising in Film & Broadcasting will be able to produce quality media products as well as thought-provoking screen products that critically address various pressing issues in society.
 Film and Broadcasting Courses (Core)

YFP201E/3 - Radio Production

Radio production is a practical oriented course which will expose students to basic techniques and principles involved in the production. Students will be introduced to a variety of equipments used for audio recording, including web radio production techniques. The course will also introduce students to various formats of radio programming such as news, interview, campaign and presentation (DJ). As part of the exercise of the course, students will be required to produce a 30 minutes of the continuity session. Each of the students will perform a different role as a DJ, news reader and interviewers which will help them to better understand the practical aspects of radio production.

YFP202/3 - Screen Writing

This course introduces students the aspects of script writing techniques and formats of documentary script and screenplay and teleplay.  Students will also be introduced to functions and methods of creating dialogue and characters in the screenplay.

YFP207/3 - Cinematography

This course provides skills in handling a variety of camera techniques and lighting techniques of film making. At the end of the semester, students will shoot the film by combining the knowledge gained in this course. Among the skills that are taught to the students, including film stock to be used in the filming in the studio or outside location, function and role of the lenses, composition, shot sizes, camera angles and camera movement, the camera operation and the lighting techniques.

YFP223E/3 - Television Production I

This course aims to discuss the advanced television production techniques with reference to single camera production method. It covers the aesthetic knowledge as well as technical skills of producing and directing narrative short films and public service announcements (PSA). It provides an introduction to various production theories in television and to the various elements in narrative structure. The course work includes writing a script, video shooting & editing a narrative short film and a public service announcement.

YFP300/3 - Editing Video And Special Effects

This course provides students with knowledge and skills in audio visual editing. Students will be exposed to the basic techniques about linear and nonlinear audio visual editing for film and television. In this course, students will also be exposed to methods of editing using computers and the latest software. At the end of the course, students will be required to produce a short film or short video which has been edited and is complete for grading.

YFP321/3 - Television Studies

Television is one of the most important social institutions in civil society. The course aims at analyzing the function, importance and relevance of television. Television in this respect can be seen as a source of information, news and entertainment which includes a variety of genres and performance aspects. Issues related to the performance aspects will be discussed by looking at its relationship with the development of television genres. This course also focuses on technological developments and its future implications on the medium.

YFP322/3 - Film Production

Introduce students to the techniques of cinematography and film production from idea to screen. Students will be provided with skills such as screen writing and the construction of the storyboard, camera angles, the screen direction, imaginary axis line, the role of sound in film and sound recording works. At the end of the semester students will produce film.

YFP323/3 - Television Production 2

This course exposes students to advance level television production techniques, and gives them an opportunity to apply these techniques in their production assignment. Students will be trained to conduct shooting sessions professionally and to apply non-linear editing systems in their outdoor assignments. Students will learn about crew management and the building of sets in a studio, as well as the planning and execution of their own production. Students will take turns to play the role of cameramen, switch operators, producers, stage managers, etc.

YFP324/3 - Cinema Studies

This course will develop students’ ability to think about the diverse approaches and paradigms in film theory. In discussing theories, concepts and issues, this course emphasizes the idea that films are part and parcel of patterns of cultural relations. In this context using the various theoretical paradigms films texts will be analysed.

YFP405E/3 - Film and Broadcasting Production Project

This practical package allows students to explore various professional skills in film and broadcasting fields. It consists of film and television production, radio production, scriptwriting, organizing a film festival and showcase of their works. Students are encouraged to experiment and showcase their creative imagination through various projects, which hopefully will take into account contemporary issues and ideas.

YFP406/3 - Film and Broadcasting Seminar

Seminar on Film and Broadcasting provides a platform for final year students to discuss the discourses and the aesthetic aspects of film and broadcasting field in a more critical manner. At this stage, students are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding and insight in this field and able to connects the relevant matters which have been studied in previous years to produce a critical and mature academic work.