1. Adnan Hussein | Environmental Communication, Photojournalism, Media Studies, New Media & Communication Technology
  2. Azman Azwan Azmawati | Media & Gender, Sociology of News Making, Journalism, Human Communication, Women and Gender Studies
  3. Bahiyah Omar | Online journalism, New Media, Media Effects, Quantitative Research
  4. Chai Ming Hock | Print Media Design, Journalism, Politics, Election Issues, Discourse Analysis, Photojournalism
  5. Hamidah Abd Hamid | Journalism, Communication Studies, Science and Environmental Journalism
  6. Hasrina Mustafa | Social Marketing, Close and Interpersonal Relationship, Environmental Communication, New Media Studies, Experimental Design and Statistics
  7. Izzal Asnira Zolkepli | Convergence & Adoption of Communication Technologies and Proliferation of Digital, Social Media and Networked Media, Consumerism, Advertising Management, Media Planning, Marketing and Brand Communication, Quantitative Research (Partial Least Squares)
  8. Jamilah Hj. Ahmad | Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Relations & Communication, Environmental Communication
  9. Juliana Abdul Wahab | Television & Radio, Audience Studies, Media & Gender Studies
  10. Kamaliah Haji Siarap | Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Advertising, Communication Campaign
  11. Lee Yuen Beng | Cinema, Media and Cultural Studies
  12. Mahadevan Krishnan | Corporate Communication/Public Relations, Stakeholder Communication, Sustainability and Green Issues, Organisation Communication
  13. Mahyuddin Ahmad | Film, Media & Culture, Early Malaysian Film Industry & P. Ramlee, The New Independent Malaysian Cinema
  14. Mohamad Haji Md Yusoff | Integrated Marketing Communication, Political Communication, Media Effects, Advertising, Public Relations, Intercultural/Non-verbal/ Development/Health/Environmental Communication, Organisational Communication and Communication Education
  15. Mohamad Saifudin Bin Mohamad Saleh | Sustainability (Environmental) Communication, Sustainability (Environmental) Education, Media and Environmental Non-Governmental Organisation Studies, Mixed Methods Research
  16. Mohd Zain Dollah | Television Studies, Television Production, Political Communication, Visual Editing
  17. Ngo Sheau Shi | Gender and Spectatorship Theory, Hong Kong Cinema, Women Warriors and Martial Arts Genre, Malaysian Cinema, Chinese Cinema
  18. Nik Norma Nik Hasan | Science & Environmental Journalism, Risk Communication, Communicating Sustainability, Qualitative Research
  19. Nor Hazlina Hashim | Online Studies, Online News, Interactivity, Human Communication and Q Methodology
  20. Nurzali Ismail | Young People’s Use of New Media, Media and Communication in Education, Digital Culture, Communities of Practice, Integrated Marketing Communication
  21. Rani Ann Balaraman | Online Journalism, Media Studies and New Media
  22. Rohani Hashim | Film & Broadcasting, Audio/Radio Studies, Film Studies, Television Studies, Visual Communication, New Media, Media Studies, Environmental Journalism
  23. Shuhaida Md Noor | Mental Representations of Self, Consumer/Audience Cognitions and Memories, Customer-based Brand Equity
  24. Sharifah Nadiah Syed Mukhiar | Consumer Acculturation, Cross-cultural Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communication
  25. Suriati Saad | Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Marketing Communication, New Media and Communication Technology
  26. Wang Lay Kim | Communication Studies, Media & Gender