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The communication programme has come a long way. Making its entry in 1970 with a
mere aim of meeting job demands, the first milestone into the following decade witnessed
the establishment of the Bachelor's Degree in Communication, setting sail for the 1984/85 academic session.

Taking further stride in anticipating adversity, uncertainty and the developments in the communications industry at the brink of the 20th century, the 3-year programme which commenced during the 1996/97 academic session was nothing less but an adaptation to the demands of the new millennium.

A landscape taken for granted is a lethal shot to oneself!

Whilst the first decade into the millennium was nothing less than dynamic, the following endeavour brought forth an emphasis of multi-disciplinary-learning which featured a mixed approach to the theory of learning and practice. In the bid to develop graduates to the demands of the present technological landscape, the 4-year Bachelor of Communication programme took centre stage since the 2012/2013 academic session.

The School of Communication, USM has ensured that the progress of its academic programmes run alongside the transformation and digitalisation of the media industry. To conclude, our metamorphosis has been spot-on.

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